Sustainable Use Of Lubricants

The use of lubricants does need to be sustainable. The lubricant supplier VA and its sources also needs to be sensitive to all environments, particularly the green environment. Currently, and in its present form, industrial water that is not distilled contains mineral salts that bind to metal, particularly to hot surfaces.

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Scale deposits are produced. These are usually calcium and magnesium compounds. Currently, these deposits or compounds are an imposition to the operating capabilities of air compressors, heat exchangers, boilers, cooling towers and all other instruments that are characterized by equipment installations that have an ebb and flow of liquids.

As a consequence, billions of dollars have been lost to numerous industries. Far too much downtime and unnecessary high levels of power consumption have been the negative result. Lime and other forms of debris have blocked industrial use piping installations. Scale removal and maintenance of all related equipment has been expensive.

Now, no longer, it does not need to be. The solution is simplified. It is quick and safe. It is able to return or affected equipment back to full service and optimized operating abilities. Just how simple it really is. It is virtually maintenance free. All it really takes is the application of a single lubricant. Or a variety of lubricants, as the case may be for the numerous industrial concerns out there. These simplified solutions, whether intentional or not, offer long-term positive prospects.

Down the line, there is no longer a need to stop-start industrial processes. There is no longer a need for long periods of maintenance disruptions. Best of all perhaps, is that the lubricating solutions on offer are environmentally sound and organic. And it turns out that the use of organic materials is far more effective than the chemical solutions on which industries have been heavily reliant upon.